Let’s Make A Joyful Noise

'Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands: Sing forth the honour of His name: make His praise glorious.'  Psalm 66:1-2

Times are tough for many right now. Many are unemployed, in danger of being so, and a lot of folks have just plain old given up trying to find work.

Violence is obviously on the upswing. We just witnessed the senseless tragedy of a Congresswoman being shot and critically wounded, and of others in the crowd around her being killed and wounded.

Political rhetoric is escalating, Name calling between parties is really getting out of hand. I myself feel uncomfortable when popular TV hosts begin pummeling each other like they are little kids in school fighting on the playground. Grow up, people!

And, last but not least, Christians are bearing the brunt of persecution, and blame, in events that have nothing whatsoever to do with what we stand for. And there is the critical word…STAND.

Let's all of us put all of this aside. Let's look at the opportunities of a new year ahead of us with excitement and energy. Let's bring it in and take it out with a bang! Let's do something so simple, so basic, so wonderful, yet  so powerful, that those who have forgotten about it will be amazed, renewed , and revitalized! 

Let's sing God's praises!

Yes! Let's give a shout, make a noise, pick up a harp or a flute or a washboard and spoon and get on with it! Let's think of nothing but the goodness, love and mercy of our Heavenly Father, and of how He loves us so much He sent His only begotten Son to die for us at Calvary! Let's hoot and holler and dance and strut and jog and just simply be tickled out of our senses by the presence of the most wonderful, most powerful being who ever was or ever will be.

We don't have to be quiet. We do not need to be wallflowers. We do not have to hide our faith or our love for people. We are children of the most high God.

Maybe I am being a little over the top, so to speak, a bit too goofy. I think that is just what it is going to take to get us past this 'stuff' that is going on in our world….God's world.

We need not be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. We should take pride in who we are, as His children, and we should celebrate it every day that we breathe. He is our very life. Why is it wrong to shout it from the rooftops? Isn't that exactly what we have been told to do in His Word?

Well, at least do this much…turn on your radio in your car to a Christian station , or pop in your favorite cassette or CD, and sing your head off with the windows all rolled up! By the time you get to your destination, your mood will be lighter, you step jauntier, and your heart fuller. And Christ will be your center, your focus, and what a blessing you will be to those who you come in contact with!

Whether it's singing in the car, in the shower, in your living room, or in the rain, sing to God of your love for Him. Make up your own songs if you are so led. I do it all the time! And somehow I think it does bless His heart.

Be blessed, and take the time to bless your God!

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