Looking Toward The Ark

Lately there has been a bit of talk going on about Noah's Ark.

In our corner of the vineyard, we feel that the ark is not just a floating zoo. Rather it is about a family of people who God chose to carry on with his great plan.

Even now, centuries after the event, we can still learn from it. It took 100 years to build the ark. Good things take time.

Sometimes evangelists come to our town and speak about their experiences. Often it as if they all happened so quickly, but good things take time. It was a while before I made a commitment to Christ, and it certainly did not happen overnight.

The animals went into the ark two by two, so I can say it is safer to travel in pairs. Then, an amateur built the ark. Professionals constructed the Titanic. Whenever we face one of the many storms in life there will always be a rainbow waiting.

When God has a job, He always calls a man and sometimes He may call a woman. God never seems to call a committee, and if you ever find yourself under pressure then float awhile. With God, speed is not an issue. He meets us right where we are. In the ark, God wanted cheetahs and snails.

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