Lunchtime Links: August 25, 2010

John McCain topped the list of incumbents who won primary battles Wednesday. However, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s renomination as the GOP’s candidate is still in doubt fendig off a Tea Party candidate backed by Sarah Palin.

Americans’ long infatuation with owning a home, which even the economic collapse of 2008 could not kill, shuddered and stalled last month.

If things had turned out differently, the proposed mosque and Islamic center near Ground Zero could have been a church. Meanwhile, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg reiterated a passionate defense of the mosque site.

Lindsay Lohan has left a California rehab center.



Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, who has had a habit of running fines with the NFL brass, has been fines $25,000 for making Twitter posts during a preseason game against Philadelphia last week.

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