Lunchtime Links: August 6, 2010

The July unemployment rate held steady at 9.5 percent as only 71,000 jobs were added during the month, indicating continued sluggishness in the recession recovery.

Two New York City police motorcycles got into a minor accident while escorting Vice President Joe Biden to Kennedy Airport. 

The Japanese city of Hiroshima has marked the 65th anniversary of the world's first atomic bomb attack, with a U.S. official taking part in the annual ceremony for the first time.

As the cement hardens Friday in the crippled BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, federal officials are sounding increasingly optimistic that the end is in sight in the drive to permanently seal the well.

Federal prosecutors filed terrorism-related charges against 14 U.S. residents and citizens, accusing them of providing money, recruits and other support to the Somali Islamist group al-Shabaab.

British author Christopher Hitchens has angered plenty of Christians over the years with his atheist opinions and writing. But how does he respond to people who might otherwise be opposed to his ideas praying for him as he battles cancer? “There are people praying for me to suffer and die. They have lavish Web sites. And then there are people, much more numerous and nicer, who are praying that either I get better or that I redeem myself and make piece with the Almighty and that my soul gets saved even if my wretched carcass is not.”

Karen Sypher stared stoically at the jury as a clerk read its verdict Thursday, finding her guilty on all counts of extorting money from University of Louisville coach Rick Pitino and lying to the FBI about it.  But her mother cried, and as he left courtroom, Sypher’s son Jacob sarcastically told the two prosecutors who won the conviction, “Thanks for taking my mother away, guys.”

Defending college national champion Alabama is ranked No. 1 in the first USA Today Coaches’ Poll.

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