Lunchtime Links: July 7, 2010

Only three gallons of oil were skimmed Tuesday as rough seas hampered collection efforts while the BP spill’s tendrils drifted deeper into Louisiana waters.



LeBron James will announce where he will play next year during a one-hour special on ESPN Thursday night. Meanwhile, another prized free agent, Chris Bosh, is headed to Miami presumably to play with fellow free agent Dwayne Wade.

The Justice Department’s decision to sue Arizona over its immigration law is dividing Christians.

Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle declined to sign a bill which would have legalized civil unions in the state.

Are too many young women addicted to Facebook?

A 4-year-old Missouri girl missing for more than 24 hours was found alive more than 70 miles from her home at a car wash.

Quick deportation to Russia may be the end result of the recent roundup of spies on U.S. soil.

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