Make the Most of Summer With Your Spouse

Do you have a plan for the summer with your hubbie and family?  If not, why not?  Are you relying on you both just wanting to do the same things together magically at the same time without really talking it over?  I hope not.  At my house we can't even figure the answer to “What's for Dinner?” without talking about it.  Dinner!  For one night, dinner requires some conversation.  Your summer is so much more important than what you are going to eat tonight. 

So, “What's for Summer?”  Talk it over.  Come up with the top 5 things you want to do together before the Labor Day cookout invitations start rolling in.  Without thinking it over, having a plan, and then being intentional with that plan you may end up with the summer gone and your heart heavy knowing that you didn't do much with it.  Don't let the summer come and go and leave you wondering where it went.

Leave a comment:  Tell me the ONE THING you and your husband are looking forward to this summer and/or share a fun summer tradition you do as a family. 

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