Marriage? There’s an app for that

OK, I’ve not hopped on the iPhone bandwagon yet for two reasons: No. 1, I’m on the Dave Ramsey plan and I’ve not made it to that particular baby step yet, and No. 2, I’m sure I would need my tech-savvy, younger sisters to teach me how to use it.

Not having an iPhone hasn’t bothered me much. I see one of my sisters, Candice, with this new gadget and think I am being wise to spend my money to pay off this and save for that instead of getting this luxury item. I buy important things like diapers, groceries, shoes, etc. Sure, she could go on and on about why her phone is superior to mine. This is the same sister who sold me her hand-me-down iPod when she was ready to upgrade. I’m sad to admit that I haven’t been able to locate my iPod since I moved two months ago. I enjoy the iPod but I’m just not that great with figuring out all of the new technology. (Apparently I’m not an expert box-labeler either.) I love downloading (or is it uploading?) podcasts and listening to them while I walk or drive but then I can’t figure out how to delete them after I listen to them. I know, I sound old. It does seem though that as soon as I get the hang of a new product, it changes or upgrades and leaves me behind. This is one of the reasons I have been carrying the same cell phone for so long. Surely I qualify for a free phone by now! Sometimes, it’s just easier to stick with what you know even if it is archaic. But today, I have to admit, I want an iPhone.

I just read a press release about a new app for marriage. I’ve heard of apps for things like calculating your tip, learning how many calories are in your fast food or giving you the name of the song you hear in the background at your favorite coffee spot. None of those apps make me want to go out and spend my emergency fund. Now the marriage app, on the other hand, makes me want to shop for an iPhone on Ebay or maybe even pray that I could be the lucky beneficiary on Surely Dave wouldn’t have a problem with that, right? Especially with me being a marriage coach. I could argue that with this new technology, I could improve my own marriage which would surely lead to more clients down the pike, which in turn would increase the downhill motion of my debt snowball. Somehow, I don’t think Dave would buy it. No pun intended.

The creators of the marriage app are a husband-and-wife team on a mission “to be a catalyst for changing the negative view of marriage and display it as the worthy celebration it truly should be.” You can read their blog to learn more. Their marriage app has all you need to keep tabs on your relationship with your spouse. Not in a creepy, controlling-stalker kind of way but a loving, thoughtful, making-your-marriage-a-priority fashion. For instance, you can track your spouse’s shoe size, favorite color, places he would like to go for dinner, the last time you ate sushi, exercised together, even the last time you had sex.

I have to admit that would be handy for me. I can never remember my husband’s shirt size when I’m at T.J. Maxx and find a fabulous deal. It kind of ruins the surprise when I have to call him to ask him for it.

So yes, I now have strong desire for an iPhone. When my passion for cultivating a strong, healthy, exciting marriage can benefit from a new technology, I’m willing to ask for a few lessons and step out of my comfort zone. For the first time since Apple introduced their brainchild, app envy has made me want one. Who knows, maybe Candice will be ready to upgrade soon?


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