Matthew West Shines On New Album

Fans have eagerly awaited Matthew West's release of  “The Story of Life” CD. The project is actually a spinoff from a Valentine's Day song contest.

For the past two years, Matthew has partnered with the national Christian radio chain, KLOVE, for a Valentine's Day contest titled “The Next Great Love Song.” Listeners are encouraged to write a Christian-based love song to their loved one. This year, a stipulation was made that the song must include the couple's true life story.

The response was so overwhelming that one project became the foundation for another. Matthew asked fans to send him their stories, true life stories of what God had done in their lives and in the lives around them. Matthew gathered all the stories and spent  more than two months this past spring secluded in a remote cabin reading, writing and bringing together several stories in to one great project.

Four of the songs off the album have been released throughout August and September to promote the upcoming release. Each song and the story behind the song can be heard on Matthew West's Web site.

The first single to be released in August was the song “My Own Little World.” It describes a person who was once self-absorbed in their own life, living in a imaginary box surrounded by only the things of one's choosing. He wakes up one day and realizes there's more to life, a greater purpose than popularity. It's absolutely fantastic and is currently No. 9 on the Billboard Christian Songs Chart.

Look for this CD in stores beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct. 5.2010.

Take a moment to listen to “My Own Little World.”

See if it doesn't make you rethink how you view life and why you're here.


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