Mission-Minded Motherhood

Mommy…. MOMMY!

I am a young twenty something woman formerly known as Lisa. Now, my name is MOMMY to four very young children. 

I must admit that I have seriously questioned why on earth did God give me all these children? Motherhood has been stretching for me(and my waistline isn't the only thing that has been stretched). On most days, I feel like a loose pair of panty-hose that have lost their elasticity. My emotions, mental capacity, marriage, juggling skills, and sleep have all been stretched. Most importantly, my faith and relationship has been radically S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D. 

How many people do you know have had four children in four and a half years? I have felt every emotion in motherhood. Most of which, has not been glorifying to God. And I am only at the beginning of the journey! God hasn't completely answered why he has given me the number of children He has ,and why they were so close together. Maybe one day I will understand.

For now, I choose to believe that God has given me the gift of motherhood for my own good. How? Simply put, motherhood has called me to come to the end of myself, my will, and my desires for a greater purpose – to serve His Creation. I have been called to Servant Motherhood.  I feel like one of the fisherman that  Jesus called in Mark 1 vs. 17 & 18. He called them to leave their former work (as fisherman) and life. To do what? They were now called to follow Him. I have left my previous work to be a fisherman of His little creation.  

It took four times around the block to understand see that motherhood is a gift from God. I almost remained in the boat when Jesus walked by this time. But then, I had my youngest daughter, Rebekah. Her presence in my life caused me to fully surrender and trust God with my life. So, I got out of the boat and have chosen to follow Him for whatever He has called it to be.  

Precious mother, are you still in the boat? He has called you to a high calling. I encourage you, please don't miss the gift of motherhood as I almost did. Your role is very important. Be encouraged today that you are not just changing diapers, fixing meals, cleaning the house, wiping noses, and putting away laundry. You are serving His creation. He will give you the strength to make it through each day. Cast your cares upon Him for He loves you! Remember, what every you do the least of people, you do  as to Jesus (Matthew 25:40). Step out of the boat, and follow Him. I promise you won't regret it. 

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