Missionary in Action

My missionary friend Karen Lubbers, who works out of Kenya, recently sent a newsletter about a Global Prayer Safari that she attended.

“I am praying more. I pray through the newspaper. I pray for the ministries God is allowing me to be a part of today and tomorrow. I pray for you – my friends, family, and supporters. I pray for the people as they ask me to pray. And I’m braver about going into church offices or shops and just asking the local people if I can pray for them, right where they are. Please pray that my prayer life will remain strong, and even grow stronger with this spiritual discipline.”

Good grief! She’s already praying hours more than I do… I need her to pray for my prayer life!

Truly, do we ever consider that kind of prayer? Oh we pray for wellness, miracles and such but praying to pray more?

Count me in. I am praying for your prayer life. I pray that you will pray for mine.

Prayer – Lord, we falter when it comes to prayer. Help our prayer life Lord and the pray life of our fellow Christians… Amen

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