Sew On

Sewing is a quiet, solitary pastime, but its results can bless many. Notice how Dorcas’s sewing affected those around her.

All the widows stood around him, crying and displaying undershirts (tunics) and [other] garments such as Dorcas was accustomed to make while she was with them. (Acts 9:39b, AMP)

Nobody at Dorcas’s house was crying out… “She promised me a jacket but she never finished it!”

How many unfinished items lie around your space? The trouble with hand crafts is that they don’t always get finished. Check your closets now. How many half-done projects do you have stuffed in there?

How can we bless people with a one-sleeved garment or a hem left undone? How will an embroidery work grace a friend’s wall unfinished and unframed? What kind of pillow front is useful without a backing?

You may not work with fabric but it is safe to say that tons of unfinished projects grace your home or workshop too.

Prayer – Lord we want to be good stewards. Point out where we should start and then nag us about it. Amen

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