More on Motives

Did it ever occur to you that David went out with cheese and came back with crackers, ( ie cracked heads ) to his credit?

Here is the background to the story.

The Philistines were ready to battle the Israelites.(1 Samuel 17:1-3)

David’s dad, Jesse had three sons in that battle. He sent David out with bread and cheese to feed the boys but his real motive was to find out how the battle was going.

One day, Jesse told David his son, “Take this sack of cracked wheat and these ten loaves of bread and run them down to your brothers in the camp. And take these ten wedges of cheese to the captain of their division. Check in on your brothers to see whether they are getting along all right, and let me know how they’re doing—Saul and your brothers, and all the Israelites in their war with the Philistines in the Oak Valley.” .(1 Samuel 17:17-19)

Have you ever been like Jesse? You want the latest news so you take cookies to a sick neighbor just to find out their medical condition?

We justify our actions by appearances; God examines our motives. (Proverbs 21:2, MSG)

Prayer-Lord, fill our hearts and minds with pure motives of love, not news.

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