Natalie Grant’s Love Revolution

Natalie Grant is a Contemporary Christian music artist from Seattle, but currently lives in Nashville with her husband and twin girls. She has an amazing voice and was awarded the GMA Female Vocalist Of the Year award four years in a row from 2006-09. Her lyrics focus mainly on matters of the soul.Her most popular songs include: Held (2005), In Better Hands (2008) and I Will Not Be Moved (2008).

This past April, Natalie hosted the 41st Dove Awards. Jordin Sparks joined her on stage and sang Natalie's newest release, Human, from her brand new album, Love Revolution.

The message expressed on this project is one of human respect. There is still so much suffering in the world. The sad facts are that an estimated 27 million people are forced into or sold into human trafficking every year. No country is immune to it. Although the practice is more common in Europe, Asia and Africa, it does exist in America too. Young children, especially girls as young as 9, are forced into prostitution. Some women are lured to America with the promise of citizenship and a better life, but then forced into human slavery and prostitution, by the people who brought them here, once they arrive in the states. It is heartbreaking to think such behaviors, beliefs and cultural practices still exist in the world today. 

Natalie has founded a non-profit organization, The Home Foundation, to help rescue victims of human trafficking. Until a few years ago, she had never heard the term, human trafficking. One night, an episode of T.V.'s Law & Order covered the modern day news topic. Natalie, jumped on the internet and found it hard to believe that such a thing existed. She was shocked to discover the sad sobering facts.

It was a trip to India in 2004 that compelled her to get involved. As part of her visit she toured a brothel and was shocked and sickened by what she found. She tells of a having a rope tied to the end of her bed and she was afraid to ask what the rope was for. However, she did ask. One mother tells her that their daughters, as young as 13, are forced to work, (prostitution), and are tethered to the bed. How horrible to think of the lives these women and children are forced to live.Hopefully, efforts to bring awareness of the physical, emotional and mental abuse of human trafficking will eventually lead to the end of the inhumane practice throughout the world.

Human by Natalie Grant (Love Revolution)


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