Nebraska ’Step Out and Serve’ project gets it

It is extraordinarily easy to look at all the opportunities to serve in missions or contribute financially and become completely overwhelmed.

Should I sponsor a child in another country?

Should I volunteer at a homeless shelter?

There are so many problems, where cold I possibly start?
These are valid questions. And they’re ones a group of Omaha churchgoers has answered with their own spin on the old maxim of “think globally, act locally.”

Last Sunday about 6,000 volunteers for 30 churches in and around Nebraska’s largest city fanned out to homes, shelters and missions to provide a localized, albeit less extravagant, version of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

The program, Step Out and Serve, illustrates the power of practicality in faith. There’s nothing wrong with being in worship on Sunday mornings, but once in a while, at least, it’s essential to live out Luke 10:25-37.


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