Need $50 for Your Bills? Take It, Church Says

When the offering takes place on Sunday morning there’s little doubt as to why.

Individual churches may have particular missions they support or are conducting a targeted fundraising drive, but primarily it’s to support the basic necessities of keeping the doors open.

So how about a church which flip-flops and give $50 apiece to 1,400 people and says, “Pay your electric bill instead of helping to pay ours.”?

That took place at Cross Timbers Community Church in Argyle, Texas, which has also been in the recent habit of helping congregants with ordinary expenses when they’ve lost their job or been cut back on hours.

This is similar to a service for the unemployed at Concord Church in Dallas which we reported on a few months ago. Perhaps there is something in the air in north Texas. Regardless, the level of generosity involved can’t be recognized enough.

KDAF-TV illustrates it best in the face of Katie Lewis, a recipient of the church’s giving who sought baptism.
“I’ve been alone so long. Just to be thought of and to be remembered, to be welcomed, it’s amazing. It’s all I’ve ever wanted.”


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