New Web site encourages Christian women

Women can be mean. We know this about ourselves. Occasionally, the catty and clique-ish behaviors that we often despise in teenage girls rises within us, and we sometimes speak before we think–to the detriment of good relationships.

But women can also be wise, tender encouragers, faithful friends and courageous wives and sisters. We have life experiences to share, laughter to release, and hopes that we live on. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded of the beautiful aspects of womanhood, and now there’s an incredible new community to share those with.

(In)Courage is Web site dedicated to encouraging women to be courageous and hopeful, leaning on the Lord for strength through all the challenges we face–from single loneliness to motherhood and career struggles–there are encouraging and uplifting blogs from Christian women all over the country at (In)Courage.

The founders of (In)Courage describe it this way: “When we asked ourselves what kind of place we were building, we finally came to see it as a bit like a beach house. You can put your sandy, dirty feet on the coffee table, laugh late into the night with friends, and also hear God’s voice clearer than perhaps anywhere else. Life just feels more vibrant and real, as if you’ve stumbled upon a glimpse of heaven and it’s nothing like you ever imagined but everything you’d always hoped.”

I’ve been reading (In)Courage since it launched a few weeks ago, and have found it encouraging and uplifting in my life. Sometimes it’s hard to find places to be yourself–but (In)Courage has given many seeking Christian women a resource for hope in good times and bad. With so many talented writers contributing, it looks as though it will be an encouragement for some time to come.


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