No Halloween

I can’t say I am disappointed. No Halloween? It’s not safe this year. Our children are at risk; but they were before as well. We taught them incorrectly and maybe this is the year to fix that.

We taught them that Halloween is about getting free candy. Don’t you have candy at home? Can’t you hide sweets around your place and let them find it there? Of course, you can.

Instead we have glorified a holiday that is actually against Christian principles and basic truths.

Apparently, Halloween (All Hallows Eve) traditions originated from pagan Celtic harvest festivals, and over time were adopted by the church. Shame on us.

People offered food to appease spirits and dead relatives. Christians do not contact the dead.

Apple bobbing was divination to find a marriage partner. Christians do not dabble in divination. 

Jack of Jack-o-lantern fame was in cahoots with satan. Jack wanders the night as a light in a turnip or pumpkin hopelessly searching for a resting place. People always have a resting place, whether it be heaven or hell. That is the persons choice.

Trick or treating is a kind of extortion and people actually said so at one time.  Black cats were always considered to be familiars of witches or even transformed witches.

Friends we fall into bad things because we do not know the word of God. Read it. Read it. Read it, lest you lose out on all that God offers or be deceived into wrong thinking..

Be completely loyal to your God. Nations that you’re about to run out of the country consort with sorcerers and witches. But not you. Your God forbids it. (Deuteronomy 18:13-14, MSG)

Many of those who thus believed came out of the closet and made a clean break with their secret sorceries. All kinds of witches and warlocks came out of the woodwork with their books of spells and incantations and made a huge bonfire of them. Someone estimated their worth at fifty thousand silver coins. In such ways it became evident that the Word of the Master was now sovereign and prevailed in Ephesus. (Acts 19:18-20, MSG)

Prayer- God, open our hearts to truth. Open our hearts to pure living in Christ. Open our hearts to you, totally. Amen.

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