No Golf, No Condo for This Retired Couple

The last thing I am pondering right now is what I might be doing when I’m 74.

I’m 38, so basically doubling my age and envisioning my future is a challenge at best. When I was 19 the concept of the Internet didn’t exist for 99.99% of the population, so thinking about working for a Website would have been a real head-scratcher.

I do think, however, it’s safe to say there will still be poverty when I’m retired. I also pray I’m as motivated to do something about it, at least to some degree, as Fred and Flo MacLean.

The couple from Prince Edward Island has bypassed stereotypical winters at a condo in Fort Lauderdale for volunteering six days a week in a Philadelphia soup kitchen founded by Franciscans. They leave Canada after Thanksgiving and serve in Philly through the dead of winter until mid-March.

They shop, cook and clean to help take care of inner-city residents that to many of us wouldn’t give a second glance if we looked at all.

It’s one thing to honor Jesus for His spirit of sacrifice in prayer and worship and quite another to live it.

At 74, 38, or 19, that is an admirable trait.

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  1. Klamarra said:

    Wow, what a humbling attitude!

    March 23, 2009

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