Not Again?

Yes, here is another untruth about the foods of Canada. According to some online sites, the Canadian’s favorite foods are:

  • Bloody Caesars (more likely a beer!)
  • Montreal bagels (a long way from most of the country)
  • Nanaimo bars (a coconut/chocolate bar of excessive sweetness)
  • Butter tarts (tasty but not an every day eat; too sweet for most tastes)
  • Poutine (again with the poutine-often badly made and not tasty at all)
  • Ketchup chips (when we have 40 other kinds? Give us some credit!)
  • Tourtiere (a ground beef meat pie, mostly served at Christmas)
  • -Timbits (the doughnut holes from a specific coffee shop)

Apparently we never eat anything but junk food. Not true! What if I inquired further about Canada? Would I ‘discover that we lived in frigid weather 12 months of the year? That we hibernate in igloos or never see a growing green thing?

Be careful what you read and what you believe about us and we will do the same with you.

Go to reputable news sites and online contributors. Do not believe patent lies and do not share them with others. Find out the truth for yourself.

And here is one truth to cling to.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32, KJV)

Prayer- Lord, grab our attention and help us see the truth for ourselves, not just make it up as we go. Amen.

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