Not Just Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes-that’s where we go to talk about times and seasons and so on but there are shorter versions of the same thing. Take Acts 20 for instance.

After the uproar had ceased, Paul sent for the disciples and warned and consoled and urged and encouraged them; then he embraced them and told them farewell and set forth on his journey to Macedonia.

Then after he had gone through those districts and had warned and consoled and urged and encouraged the brethren with much discourse, he came to Greece. (Acts 20:1-2, AMP)

In just two short verses Paul went from Ephesus (Acts 19) to Macedonia and finally to Greece.

Every place he stopped he told them the same thing. He traveled fast but he left a fine trail.

He warned.

He consoled.

He urged.

He encouraged.

He left.

Some of our trips may be hurried too but we can leave a fine trail behind us. There is a time to warn folks, and a time to comfort or console them. We can urge and encourage. And seriously… there is a time to leave.

The Holy Spirit will guide us in all of these things should we care to listen.

Prayer- Dear Lord, help us to clearly hear what you are saying to us and then act on it for Christ. Amen.

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