Nothing But the Whole Gospel

Jesus died and was buried and rose from the dead for us. (1 Corinthians 15:3-4) Technically his burial is almost as much a miracle as his resurrection.

Scholars tell us that Romans generally left crucified bodies on the cross until they decayed. This was a warning to passersby. The Jews, on the other hand, buried ‘criminal’ bodies far from the usual graveyard. That’s why it is so unusual for Joseph of Arimathea to get and place the body in his personal tomb. AND the governor allowed this; strange indeed. Obviously, God was at work in the details.

Jesus was not buried in some backwater either. A rich man had a rich tomb where people would notice it.

Have you visited the tomb of Christ? Perchance you haven’t gone to Israel to find it for yourself. Still, in your heart of hearts, you know all this is true. Take it into your being and know it to be true and then walk in the truth of Jesus raised from the dead, just for you; just for me..

“After they had done everything the prophets said they would do, they took him down from the cross and buried him. And then God raised him from death.

There is no disputing that—he appeared over and over again many times and places to those who had known him well in the Galilean years, and these same people continue to give witness that he is alive. (Acts 13:29-31, MSG)

Prayer- Open our stubborn eyes, Lord, that we might see Jesus! Amen.

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