Opinion or Fact?

Got a headache and want a cure? Have weird belly ache symptoms? Who do we call? No, the answer is not Ghost Busters!

Several times in the past few years, I just Googled my symptoms and took information from various on-line sites.

On other occasions, I took a tally among my friends, even on social networking sites, asking them questions like “What do you think I should do for this pain? Did that work for you? Is it dangerous?”

These methods had something in common. What they purported to be truth was not truth at all.

Some web sites have hidden agendas. At the very least, they want to sell us stuff.

Much as I love my friends, their opinions are not a diagnosis! If I want real medical help, I have to contact trained medical personal.

Lots of people write books and quote scripture in them. I write them myself and I also read them.

Benjamin Disraeli said that the best way to become acquainted with a subject was to write a book about it but I think the best way is to read it.

To get the full story, to understand the context, to learn more about God and his plan for our salvation, nothing beats the Bible itself. Try it. You will like it.

Prayer: Father God, forgive us for leaning too much on opinion rather your original. Amen.

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