Organ Donations – The Gift of Life

What are some of the reasons that you might like to sign up to donate your organs after your decease?  Plenty!

It is free to sign up.

You could save someone’s life.

You could be a hero, saving someone’s mom, or dad, or brother.  

Someone’s donated organ could save your own life.

You have no use for your organs after death (the Egyptians threw away the brain, thinking it was useless but preserved the heart, thinking it was the seat of intellect).

South Africa leads the world in transplants.

People will think more highly of you.

After death, you can donate heart, liver, lungs, kidneys (renal) and pancreas, retinas, etc.
There is a severe worldwide shortage of donors, while people die waiting.

You can sign the back of your driver’s license in advance, but tell all family members your wishes.

You can tell others to sign up.

Grieving family members receive consolation knowing your organs saved someone else‘s life.

I have signed up for my organs to be donated in the event of my death on the back of my driver’s license.  I informed my family of my wishes ahead of time…naturally, because there is someone obviously writing this! LOL And, you know what?  The mortality rate for humans is 100 percent; save for the one way to have eternal life (John 3:16-17).  

*An international congress marked the first World Day for Organ Donation and Transportation on October 14th, 2005.

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