Orphans Are Not ’Someone Else’s Children’

I’ve been reading the book The Hole In Our Gospel, by Richard Stearns, President of World Vision.  In this book, he addresses the Church’s mandate to minister to “the least of these” in this world, and in the last chapter I read he was focusing on the call to care for orphans.

Specifically, he was addressing the fact that even though technology can allow us to see images of orphans all over the world, we’re able to sleep just fine at night because it doesn’t really hit home.  He contends that this is due to the fact that we consider these children to be “someone else’s children.”  This allows us to distance ourselves from the pain, and in turn it deadens our sensitivities to the need.

Whether the fatherless children are in a Third World country or languishing in the foster care system right here in our own towns, God calls us to care for them.  Essentially, God has entrusted them to us.  This means that they are not “someone else’s”. They’re ours.

I was trying to figure out how to write about this subject when I came across a powerful video by Eric Ludy of the Ellerslie Mission Society.  After taking the time to watch and listen, I realized that I couldn’t present the message any more powerfully than he does in this video message.

I would challenge you to take a few minutes and watch this presentation.  I think you’ll be powerfully affected to look at the subject of orphan care on a much more personal level.

I know I was.

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