Passover: Why Should Christians Care?

I could write about Easter, but many others have done that. I suppose I could write about Earth Day, but some would undoubtedly be irritated. However I've chosen to write briefly to you about Passover and why Christians should care. After all if there was no Passover there would be no Easter.

Every year my wife and I lead our children through the Exodus narrative; the passage of Scripture that shares the Israelites journey to freedom from the Egyptian bondage. This event is celebrated with not only millions of Jews, but believers too.

When the LORD laid out the Biblical festivals they were not for a season but rather they are to be remembered and done yearly; after all it's vital for us to know where our roots have come from. As a believer in Jesus, our Jewish Messiah, we are grafted-into the believing remnant of Israel (Romans 11). Jesus himself instructs us (Luke 22:19) to “do this in remembrance of me.” The “this” he was talking about was Passover.

It's my understanding that Jesus fully expected his followers to continue to celebrate Passover. Not just because of the deep rich story connected with it but in remembrance of his sacrifice. He was the ultimate Passover sacrifice (1 Cor 5:7).

It's fitting that Passover and Easter share the same week; for this week we remember his last supper, mourn his death and celebrate his resurrection.

The Passover narrative is a story of deliverance from bondage by a merciful God who forgets not his promises; a story of hope at a time when there seemed to be none. Sounds like the life of Christ to me. And that is why Christians should care. Passover isn't just some antiquated tale from days gone by but rather it's a testament of who our God was, is and forever will be. It's a foretelling of, in a spiritual sense, what Jesus came to do.

If you have never joined with other believers by participating in a Passover meal perhaps next year you can search out one to be part of. Allow yourself the chance to be immersed in the story, in the retelling of Israel’s physical deliverance and believer’s spiritual deliverance.

With Passover being upon us would you at least take a moment and open your Bible and read through Exodus 12:1 – 42. After which as you mediate on the God who delivers, the God who is faithful, the God who is just; say a prayer for those in our modern civilized world who are living in physical bondage. Though there are plenty of people physically bound by their addictions I’m talking about the twenty-seven million slaves that exist throughout the world today.

We may have experienced his deliverance but they haven’t.

LORD may those in bondage experience your Passover redemption through the hands of your people.

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