’Pink Slip’ Parties Latest Craze on Job Hunting Scene

What do you get when you combine “happy hour” networking and a traditional job fair? The answer is the “pink slip” party, the latest craze on the job hunting scene. Restaurants throughout the country are acting as intermediaries by hosting pink slip parties for employers, the unemployed and workers who fear their jobs are at risk in a slow economy.

Pink slip parties purport to offer the best of both worlds–the relaxed atmosphere of a semi-casual networking event complete with pop music and the somewhat structured process one encounters at a job fair. Resumes are circulated to representatives of interested employers and staffing agencies who sponsor these events; and career connections are made through impromptu job interviews as hopeful job seekers munch on finger foods and sip a free drink.

Pink slip parties are two hours long and held during the traditional “happy hour” (5:00 PM to 7:00 PM). One such event held at the Black Bear Restaurant in Hamden, CT was reported to be an overwhelming success, boasting as many as 40 participants in the first hour alone. The cost of the event was $10, which covered admittance, food and drink.

The pink slip party is a novel idea–one that can be adapted to fit location and style. For example, instead of “happy hour”, a restaurant or hotel could host “Early Morning Joe” from 6:00-8:00 AM to jumpstart career connections between employers and job seekers; or how about a “brown bag” event over lunch?

In any case if you choose to sponsor a pink slip party make sure you determine the desired outcomes beforehand, and remain faithful to your purpose. If you choose to attend one always remember that they are business events, not recreation, and therefore conduct yourself accordingly.


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