Play On

After that terrible bombing in France, the news people were after any information they could get. One in particular stuck in my mind. Someone asked musicians in the area what they would do now.

The leader responded with these words: “Our response to this is the same as our response to joy. We play. We play.”

It reminded me of the musicians on the Titanic, who played their instruments even as the ship was sinking.

Now I can’t play a tin pennywhistle, but I got this message loud and clear. No matter what happens, my response as a Christian is to be the same in good times and in bad; in shining moments and in sad; when things are good and when they are not so good. How about you?

Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. (Acts 2:25b, NIV)

Prayer – Father God, help us to respond to anything life gives us and play on. Amen

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