Poll: Conservative Christians, Tea Party Have Strong Overlaps

There is strong correlation between self-identified Tea Party supporters and socially conservative Christians with less than a month before mid-term Congressional elections.

Survey data released by the Public Religion Research Institute contradicts the assertions of some Tea Party supporters who claim they are primarily focused on anti-tax and government spending rather than social issues.

About half – 47 percent – of Tea Partiers considered themselves members of a conservative Christian movement or the traditionally-defined religious right.

Socially there is a stronger tendency toward traditional conservative views as opposed to the libertarian views espoused by Tea Party candidates. Of those polled, 63 percent believe abortion should be banned in most or all cases and only 18 percent supported gay marriage.

Those views flew contrary to overall majority opinions PRRI tabulated, with 37 percent of Americans in favor of gay marriage, up from 28 percent just two years ago. Similarly, 54 percent of voters said they favored some form of health care reform; opposition to the health care package developed by President Obama and Congressional Democrats from Republicans in general and Tea Partiers in particular has been strong.

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