Praying For Your Pastor

The role of a priest back in the Old Testament times was certainly an interesting one.  The priest had to handle all of the offerings that were brought before him.  There were all kinds of them, too. 

There were offerings for purification from bleeding, leprosy, skin infections and discharges.  Talk about laying it all out there for the priest to know your business!  I’m so thankful that I don’t have to run to my pastor in circumstances like these.  I’m sure he has much more important things to tend to.

So what is the role of the pastor?  They are like the shepherds and we are the sheep.  Sometimes they are the very hands and feet of Jesus.  They minister, encourage and teach.  They comfort you during times of sorrow and rejoice with you during times of joy.

In return I believe we can give an offering that is much better than any dove, pigeon or lamb.  We can offer our prayers on their behalf.

I think too often we get so comfortable in what our pastors are giving out that we forget they can run on empty, they can become discouraged and they can grow weary.  So they need us to be like Aaron and Hur who held up the arms of Moses during a war between the Amalekites and Israel.  When they offered support there was victory.

We can help our pastors be victorious by offering up prayers of support.  They are in a spiritual battle and sometimes it may feel like they are getting beaten down.  It is up to us, their sheep, to hold up their arms so they can prevail. 

Make a commitment to pray for your pastor.  You just never know when the prayers you offer up become the arrow that finally pierces the enemy. 

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  1. said:

    Thank you Stephanie for writing this. As a bi-vocational pastor who is also going to school at seminary there are not enough hours in the day & being finite and human, I covet my congregations prayers. This is the single, most important thing a church can do as Paul said in Colossians. He sought their prayer because he needed it desperately. I thank you for writing this as I have so much responsibility that I know that I can not do this on my own. I am desperate for Him to help me and petitions on my behalf can make a ton of difference.

    January 15, 2011
  2. said:

    I just had to tweet this since it is so important, at the risk of being selfish since I am a pastor, but prayer is not the least we can do but the very most we can. Thanks again.

    January 15, 2011

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