Pro-Life Women Are Making a Difference in D.C.

How often have you heard these myths?

“All Women are Pro-Choice”
“Abortion is Safe, Legal and Rare”
“Abortion is Illegal after the First Trimester of Pregnancy”
“Partial Birth Abortion is Medically Necessary”

These are all ideas that seem normal – myths that are now accepted as true, but the Susan B. Anthony List is tired of women and children being taken advantage of for political gain, adn of myths like these being peddled as truth.

The Susan B. Anthony List is a political action committee focused on pro-life education and bringing powerful, pro-life women to the forefront in politics, where often we expect powerful women to be militantly pro-choice and often anti-male.

Majorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony list, offered this reflection in a Washington Post article: “Over time, “feminism” became the label adopted by activists preaching that women’s rights and abortion rights were somehow one and the same. For years, too many feminists have told women facing a crisis pregnancy the only way to continue a successful life is to have an abortion.”

“But recently, there has been a shift back to the traditional roots of a Susan B. Anthony feminism that empowers women through their strength to give life even in the most difficult and unexpected circumstances. In recent Gallup polling, more and more women self-label themselves “pro-life” over “pro-choice.” More and more pro-life women run for public office.”

Dannenfelser calls what Susan B> Anthony List does “putting the ‘feminine’ back in ‘feminism’”, which for many Christian women comes as a breath of fresh air. I, for one, am tired of being told that in order to keep my rights and privileges as an American woman I have to put myself over my unborn child.

Despite what most feminists have been conditioned to believe, men and women are different and that difference is designed by God to give us strength and perspective. I’m glad that organizations like this one are around to encourage speaking out about traditional values, rather than just shouting one another down.

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