Prolonging the Agony

We had a mutual agreement. It didn’t bother me so I didn’t bother it. That’s how I thought of the cyst behind my ear. But in the last few months, it did not uphold its end of the bargain. In fact it added ingredients like swelling, extreme pain and continual discomfort.

I put off going to the doctor and thus prolonged my agony. By the time the Doctor scheduled surgery, local anaesthetic couldn’t do the job. That cyst now had companions called calcium and scar tissue. They’d all attached themselves to a nerve. 

This meant a second trip to the hospital and a serious operation under a general anaesthetic. The cyst is gone but it left some damage.

Some sins are like that cyst. They linger in our lives, and seemingly do no damage. Suddenly that sin grows, hardens, and attaches itself to a vital part of our soul. The longer we hang on to it, the worse the pain gets.

If only we choose to visit the doctor sooner. If only we would let Jesus, our Great Healer, remove it. Yes there might be a few consequences from that sin but the pain of its removal will never be as bad as the pain of prolonging the agony.

Psalm 69:18-Draw close to me and redeem me; ransom and set me free because of my enemies [lest they glory in my prolonged distress] (AMP)!

Prayer: Lord, point out our cysts of sin. Give us the courage to hand them over to you for removal and freedom. In Christ's name.

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