Promoting Web Outreach to a Secular Audience

The Internet is already a great way for Christians to connect with fellow believers around the world. We’re certainly part of that at Everyday Christian.

The bigger challenge is how to connect with a secular audience, whether non-believers or seekers perhaps feeling God’s presence in their lives but unsure how to react. We have had success pulling in a “crossover” audience with our blogs on technology, careers and coverage of pop culture.

Increasing the digital reach of Web sites and churches is the aim of Internet Evangelism Day on April 26. Sponsored by a group of Christian organizations including the Billy Graham Center, Campus Crusade for Christ and, it is a concentrated effort to enable Christians to carry out the biblical mandate to teach the Gospel, in this instance through technology.

The Internet Evangelism Day site provides information on blogging, Web design and church marketing through the Internet. The basis of it is all practical advice. Regardless of age, the Internet is becoming the primary source of information for many Americans. Just from observation, for most folks under 50, it already is.

Reaching out to other Christians is important. Explaining to others how meaningful a relationship with Christ is more so. The point of this day is to stress the fact that the Internet as the medium to communicate that message isn’t the future, it’s the present.

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