Tired of trying so hard? Getting no where? Why not quit? Sure, why not quit right now?  Here is why not: if you quit now, you’ll slide back to where you began. That was a place you didn’t like and didn’t want be in. So if you quit now, you’ll be starting all over again… again. So don’t quit!

Here are the top reasons why people quit:

  • The hours are long and they have to work weekends.
  • They have to do menial jobs and no body ever says thank you.
  • They don’t get a raise or a promotion or get to make decisions.
  • They have to keep learning new stuff.
  • They don’t like what is going on, can’t figure out where the company is going.
  • The boss likes someone else better.

Quitters don’t always get a second chance in business, but with God as our boss, our chances are endless because he offers quitters a second, a third, or even a millionth chance.

So if you have given up; if you feel like you’ve failed too often, too much, and that you are unforgivable, think again. In fact, the deeper our mess, the bigger the forgiveness!

Therefore I tell you, her sins, many [as they are], are forgiven her—because she has loved much. But he who is forgiven little loves little. (Luke 7:47, AMP)

Prayer – Oh Lord, I did it again. I am so sorry, but I take you at your word today. You forgave and now we can start again… together. Thank you, God. Amen

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