Reach Records puts positive spin on hip-hop, rap music

You can’t deny the popularity of rap and hip-hop music. If you look at the Billboard Top 100 charts, you’ll see artists like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Fabolous. While their songs are popular and catchy, the lyrics and topics of these songs often don’t glorify God. More often than not, today’s hip-hop music promotes a negative message, and often contains filthy language. It can be difficult for Christian hip-hop fans to find quality music that doesn’t conflict with what they believe.

Enter Reach Records. Reach Records and ReachLife Ministries are dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through rap music. Artists like LeCrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii and Sho Baraka create hip-hop that is musically excellent and theologically sound. Take these lyrics that LeCrae raps in “Take Me As I Am”:

Teach me I wanna learn
How you could save a wretch like me, before death says it’s my turn
I think I finally understand
No matter my past, you’ll still take me as I am

These talented men of God are becoming well-known throughout the country, and are garnering the respect of Christian leaders. Reach Records artists are currently touring the United States and selling out shows on the “Don’t Waste Your Life” tour, which is in part sponsored by John Piper’s Desiring God ministry. Rapper LeCrae also recently appeared on the Albert Mohler radio program to discuss “Hip-Hop in the Name of Christ.”

If you, your children, or anyone you know is a fan of hip-hop, it’s worth it to check out the artists of Reach Records. Their music provides a vehicle to share Christ with those who may not be receptive to a sermon or a book. These young men may not look or sound like our idea of a pastor or evangelist, but don’t let that fool you: they are preaching the Gospel.

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  1. Monique Davis said:

    I grew up on hip-hop and I love the old school stuff. Thanks for putting this out there for people who aren’t fans of the new school hip-hop to have more options than just turning off the radio or not listening to hip-hop altogether.

    August 25, 2009
  2. urbanitezoutreach said:

    Love the article. I’ve been following Reach Records for years now, along with other integral labels such as CMR,Lampmode,etc. They definitely bring forth the infallible Word of God. I encourage others to support them as well as use their music to reach others for the Glory of the Lord. Urbanitez Outreach

    October 14, 2009

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