Receiving Your Gift As A Little Child

You can tell a small child that the earth is flat, and he will believe you. You can tell a small child that no matter what all will be okay—even if it isn’t—and she will trust you. When given a gift, a small child feverishly opens the wrapping as if it is the only thing in existence at that particular moment.

Jesus tells us in Mark 10:14-15 that the kingdom of God belongs to little children, and whoever doesn’t receive the kingdom like a little child won’t enter into it. Although I can’t remember what it was like to be a child I have seen videos that were filmed on Christmas morning that help me to remember certain aspects. The only thing I cared about on Christmas morning was opening my presents. The complete and utter joy that would fill my face as I opened each package would have been contagious to any adult. It’s as if there was nothing else on the face of the planet. It was just me and that toy.

Once that moment was over however, it was time to play with the toys. It was time to dig in, and get some use out of them. I don’t have any play time on video; however I have a couple memories that really stand out. We had this huge white rock in our front yard. It was a magnificent fortress that housed all of my action figures. The bad guys would work their way up the side of this fortified rock, but to no avail. The good guys would always win.

Of course the above paragraphs really have nothing to do with Scriptures, or Christian living. Or do they? At first glance, there is nothing special going on here. However, if we look deeper, coming to Christ is like a little child on Christmas morning or a birthday party.

There is an overwhelming realization that there is just me, and this gift. This ultimate, precious, and gracious gift that is meant to do one thing: Save. On the other hand, after the gift is opened, it must be played with. As all good toys must be played with; so must our Scriptures be studied. The purpose of any gift is to be used, our Bible is no different. It is all important that after the package of Christ is opened, that we get to know Him through His word and daily prayer. It is imperative that we receive the Gift as little children would, with excitement and zeal.

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