Recent college graduates considering alternatives to traditional employment

In recent times, people have been categorized into generations–baby boomers, generations X and Y and so forth. Now, a new group has emerged–“generation jobless”–which includes the 1.5 million college graduates who recently hit the job market to compete with approximately 1.85 million experienced job seekers for what represents a handful of jobs by comparison. According to the Miami Herald, employers expect to hire 22 percent fewer grads in 2009 than a year ago and this is causing generation jobless to consider alternatives to traditional employment and to rule nothing out in their search for job opportunities. Here’s how they are doing it.

Looking for Job Opportunities Everywhere. Many college graduates are looking for jobs where other more experienced job seekers are not, including jobs they would have normally avoided, in different or unrelated industries, for lower pay or that require relocation.

Changing Expectations. Generation jobless is becoming more adept at adjusting quickly to the changing job scene. Instead of lamenting over not being able to get their dream jobs, they are quick to take jobs to make ends meet until their dreams are realized.

Moving Away from the Tried and True. Talk about going in the opposite direction, many members of this generation are shunning the corporate track and becoming entrepreneurs. Their motto seems to be, “If I’ve got to work real hard, I might as well do it for myself.”

For some members of generation jobless it’s meant a total revamping of career goals and plans. They are prone to the same frustrations regular job seekers experience. Yet, as with any job search there is hope. Instead of allowing negative energy from worry and disappointment to build, they can (with hard work and concentrated effort) opt out of generation jobless and join the ranks of college grads who have found good jobs and successfully launched their careers (Proverbs 13:12).


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