Responsibilty to Share Truth Extends Everywhere

Bless her heart, she was just trying to do what she felt was right.

My daughter the other day forwarded me a text message that read:


A 6yr old girl needs a heart transplant . (sic) phone companies agreed 2 donate 5cents evrytime this message was fwd (not a joke)


As Christians, sometimes we allow our sentiments and what we feel is right to crowd out common sense. As Christians, we are obliged to live a life of truth and share truth in every facet of our lives.

Blindly forwarding an email or text message for what appears to be a worthy cause damages our credibility when one discovers the message is not true. Before you forward, take some time to challenge the veracity of the message. Web sites like and are great places to start when researching something you question in an email. Also, I would recommend checking a company’s own website before forwarding an email that accuses the company of some wrongdoing.

It is said that our actions speak louder than our words. Let our actions be filled with love, truth, and common sense.

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