Rest for the Weary

Are you weary?  Life can really drag you down.  If it isn’t enough that you are dealing with your own struggles—relational, financial, health and whatever else—then you turn on the news and every night you see nothing but death, destruction and chaos.

It can be weary to your soul.  Yet we have a resting place that we can go to and it is the Lord Jesus.  Matthew 11:28 says, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will you rest.” 

See, the trouble is we look for rest in all the wrong places.  Jesus says we have to go to Him.  Yet we look elsewhere.

We think rest is when we get to sleep in, when we take a vacation, when we spend a day relaxing…those are all very nice things and there is nothing really wrong with them.  But will that really take away the weariness?

Emotional weariness can’t be fixed with a vacation or an extra hour of sleep. Only Jesus can really meet our deepest needs.  He goes to the inner parts of our being and touches us where it matters most. 

Things may look bleak and the world may seem like its spinning out of control but there is rest for the weary.  You can find it in Jesus.  But you have to go to Him.  He won’t force His way on you.

Where do you find this rest?  You can find it in His presence, in His Word and in the company of other believers.  Don’t look to the world or to the flesh to replenish your soul.  That is only temporary.  Only Jesus can permanently and completely refresh us.

Take off the heavy burden and give it to Him.  He is more than able to bear all of your burdens.

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