Pastor Terry Jones Getting Stranger and Stranger…

Terry Jones,  the pastor from Gainesville, Fla., may be even crazier than we had suspected.  Reverend Jones is the man who plans on having a Qu'ran bonfire at his church, the Dove World Outreach Center on September 11th.  His wife Sylvia, a co-pastor, created a “handbook” in 2007 for prospective ministers in the church.  The book includes many creepy rules about behavior and directions that are usually found within cults.

For example, you must cut off most contact from family and friends, including weddings funerals and birthdays.  You aren't aloud to make phone calls unless you have permission and you aren't aloud to eat out at all- they'll weigh you to check!  And of course you aren't aloud to have any romantic relationships with the opposite sex, you're barely even aloud to talk to them.

It's such a shame that a man like this is seen across the country as an average pastor with a couple of bad ideas.  Turns out he's got a lot of terrible ideas, let's pray he doesn't  have any more

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