Rigwelted No More

Have your Christian attitudes and lifestyle failed you in the midst of crazy people, preparations and holiday parties?  Oh, no! You might be rigwelted!

A sheep is said to be ‘rigwelted’ under three conditions.

  1. Its fleece gets too heavy.
  2. It falls over on its back.
  3. It can’t get up by itself.

We must examine this carefully because the Bible refers to us as sheep. Is your burden too heavy? Are you in danger of tipping over, collapsing under the weight of it all? Even worse, have you already fallen down?

The cure is the same for all three stages.

But Jesus took him by the hand and lifted him to his feet, and he stood up.   After Jesus had gone indoors, his disciples asked him privately “Why couldn’t we drive it out?” He replied, “This kind can come out only by prayer.” (Mark 9:27-29, NIV)

Prayer – Lord, I’m feeling terrible—I couldn’t feel worse! Get me on my feet again. You promised, remember? Thank you! Amen (Psalm 119:25, MSG)

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