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Where do you turn for in-depth, comprehensive, relational resources that equip you to speak the truth in love so we can all grow together in Christ? There are numerous great sources available in the Evangelical world today. Another cutting-edge resource is coming your way. 

Save the date. On Monday, May 2, 2011, the Biblical Counseling Coalition (BCC) will launch its Blog Site: Truth for Life

The first week, you can enjoy the following posts from leaders in the biblical counseling movement: 

  • Monday, May 2: Paul Tripp, The Ultimate Lens on Life
  • Tuesday, May 3: Elyse Fitzpatrick, Despising the Shame
  • Wednesday, May 4: Steve Viars, Biblical Counseling as a Community Bridge
  • Thursday, May 5: Bob Kellemen, Our Competence Comes from Christ
  • Friday, May 6: BCC Staff, Five to Live By: The Best of the Best on the Net in Biblical Counseling
  • Saturday, May 7: The BCC Interview: Pastor Deepak Reju of Capitol Hill Baptist Church

The BCC Blog Site will also include a list of Featured Blogs and a list of Recommended Websites. The BCC is not about the BCC. The BCC is about bc—biblical counseling—linking you to valuable resources, best-practice churches, premier para-church groups, and conferences you won't want to miss. 

Just the First-fruits

And this is just the first of several upcoming BCC “launches.” 

In late May to early June, the BCC Book Review site will launch. Every week the BCC will post four biblical counseling reviews. The site will also provide “The Best of Guides” (such as “The Top Ten Books on Biblical Counseling and Dealing with Anxiety”). 

Then throughout the summer and on an ongoing basis, the BCC will launch the Free Resources section of the website. Eventually, the BCC plans to provide 1,000s of free articles, forms, counseling guides, videos, and audio resources. 

Three Audiences

Every section of the BCC will focus on three audiences: 

  • People seeking biblical care: all of us—people in need of change.
  • People providing biblical care: pastors, counselors, spiritual friends.
  • People equipping biblical care-givers: educators, equippers, writers. 

If you’d like to be placed on the BCC e-mailing list to hear more updates and receive periodic e-blasts and e-newsletters, sign-up on the BCC home page

Join the Conversation

  • What blog post topics would you like to see the BCC address?
  • What books would you like the BCC to review?
  • What free resource topics would you want the BCC to provide?

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