Russian Businessman Orders Employees to Find God

How's this for a bold Christian.  Vasily Boiko-The Great, a prominent Russian businessman, has told his 6,500 employees to find God and get married….or they're fired!  He also banned any of the employees to have abortions in their family because he doesn't want to work with killers.  Some may call this man crazy, but I think he might be on to something.

First of all, let me just say that any man with “The Great” attached to his name is a man worth listening to.  With a suffix like that, he's bound to say something interesting.

Is he being a little extreme?


But at the same time, I like this bold approach.  Most of the time when Christians are trying to convert people, or even just talk to non-believers about God, they too often beat around the bush the whole time.  It's time we start being bold. It's time we start sharing the truth in honest ways. It's time we had some courage and fought for the King of Kings

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