Satan’s Words Are Like Kudzu

Do you ever feel like you aren’t good enough? Like you’re nothing special? Like you don’t make a difference? Do you realize those thoughts come from Satan? I don’t know about you, but Satan’s tyrannical taunts are like Kudzu around my heart. 

In Georgia, where I was raised, the Kudzu vine grows rampant. It wraps its green ivy-like arms around everything in its path. Trees, telephone poles, homes–it doesn’t discriminate. Kudzu is a vine that when left uncontrolled will eventually grow over anything in its proximity. It kills trees by blocking sunlight, stealing nourishment, and stunting growth. 

Satan’s words can be like Kudzu. If we aren’t careful, they can be growth stunt-ers, joy-killers, promise-grabbers, and desire-destroyers. 

Maybe you too have heard similar whispers: 

You can’t get up early enough to read your Bible – you’re a failure;

Look at you, you’re yelling at your kids again – you’re a horrible mother;

Your past is too shameful – people won’t accept you;

If you really believe in God, then why can’t you produce spiritual fruit?

Sometimes, these words take the shape of a small vine. They start small seeming insignificant. After a while, self-defeating words begin winding and wrapping themselves around our vulnerable hearts. 

Making us hesitate. 

Making us question. 

Making us believe we are less than.

We become tangled and knotted by these un-truths. And y’all, that is exactly what they are… lies, lies, and more lies

Satan chooses a script he knows we’ll fall for, worry about, and obsess over. He rummages through old files to see what tripped us up last time. Then once we’re hooked, he chips away at our dignity, our pride, and ultimately our hearts. Piece by piece, day after day, chip, chip, chip… 

As long as it takes – until he’s worn us down to nothing. 

We weren’t made for Satan’s cheap shots, we were made for God. 

Dad-burn-it, I’m tired of Satan preying on my weak spots. I’m tired of the head games. I spit on Satan’s attempts to steal my intimacy with the One who thinks I’m special. 

We must pray and untangle ourselves from Satan’s twine of lies. We need to reclaim our position as a Jesus girl and secure our ‘princess with purpose’ status. We must walk with our Savior and give Satan the boot. 

There’s great news sisters in Christ! We don’t have to be victimized by the Kudzu vine anymore. Instead, we can be “rooted in Christ” (see Col. 2:7); and joined together with the ultimate vine… the vine of Christ, (John 15:5-8)… forever and ever, Amen! 

Application for Your Day: When Satan tries to wedge himself in between you and God this week, how will you respond? Let’s ‘princess-promise’ that when it happens, we will all say with finger-snapping punctuation, “I know what you’re up to evil one and I refuse to believe anything you say!”

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