Seasonal Fear

Yep, I have seasonal fear and maybe you do too. Holidays are coming up. We have already eaten a ton of our kids’ Halloween candy. Now the real trouble starts. Parties, teas, restaurant events and office showdowns are on the way.

HELP, God!!!

I’m watching my weight, Lord.
I’m careful not to botch it.
My life is a bore
For I have to watch it.
Others are chewing
Swallowing sugars and fats
But me, I am left
With food tasting like hats
Oh when will it end?
The season goes on
Valentines till it stops
And my fear is all gone!

Fear and hate it we may have but God knows our hearts desire to honor him. And yes he knows also what we think of it!

“And our soul loatheth this light bread!” (Numbers 2:5b, KJV).

Prayer- Lord, some things never change. You know our cry again this year! HELP! Amen.

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