Should Michael Vick Still Be Forgiven?

A year ago I wrote about how Michael Vick, more well-known nationally at that point for his reprehensible dog-fighting behavior that his quarterbacking skills, deserved a second chance.

The question being asked now, essentially is whether or not there is some sort of unwritten statute of limitations on that forgiveness.

Last month a co-defendant and longtime friend of Vick’s in his dog-fighting trial was shot at the Philadelphia Eagles QB’s birthday party. Since then reports have surfaced that the Eagles will either voluntarily – or be forced by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell – jettison Vick for violating the deal the made for getting back into the league. That would be a huge risk for the Eagles with the unproven Kevin Kolb slated as starter with the departure of Donovan McNabb.

He also has bankruptcy issues hanging over his head, and in a general sense, plenty of doubt swirling around him.

All of this begs the question, is Vick still worthy of forgiveness, or for that matter, consideration of forgiveness?

Is it time for the NFL to say, “Hey, you’ve had more chances than anyone should reasonably expect. We’re done with you. Good luck.”?

A deeper question to ask as Christians is what in unforgiveable?

During his crucifixion Jesus pleaded with God to forgive those who mocked him because they didn’t know what they were doing. The fact this can’t be compared to a spoiled millionaire athlete is blatantly obvious, but there is unquestionably a dynamic we all must face as to what just can’t be forgiven.

For the league, this may be it when it comes to Vick.

What is your breaking point?

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