Show Me the Money

This famous one-liner is attributed to the movie Jerry Maguire but Jesus said it in Matthew 22 long before Tom Cruise made it popular.

First the Pharisees tried to flatter and butter up Jesus in verse 16.

“Teacher, we know that You are sincere and what You profess to be and that You teach the way of God truthfully, regardless of consequences and being afraid of no man; for You are impartial and do not regard either the person or the position of anyone.”

Then they popped their carefully contrived question in verse 17.

“Tell us then what You think about this: Is it lawful to pay tribute [levied on individuals and to be paid yearly] to Caesar or not?”

They couldn’t fool Jesus.

But Jesus, aware of their malicious plot, asked, Why do you put Me to the test and try to entrap Me, you pretenders (hypocrites)? Show me the money used for the tribute. (Verse 18-19)

What trick question are we devising for the Christ? Perhaps it goes something like this.

Why is my pain so great? How can you let me suffer so? Why did my spouse die?

Jesus had an answer for the Pharisees and He’ll have one for us. It just might not be what we expected.

Prayer: Father God, help us to trust you even when our questions get answers we don’t like.  Amen.

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