Showing Appreciation For Your Children’s Teachers

This past Sunday morning our pastor called up everyone who is involved in education.  With school just starting up, he wanted to pray a special blessing over them.  It was interesting to take note of the different types of jobs that are held within education.

Up at our altar we had teachers, school bus drivers, paraprofessionals, lunchroom cooks, homeschoolers and so many more.  All of them play an important role in education. 

I really do value the work of a teacher.  I appreciate the time and effort they put into educating my children.  While some people may spend time complaining about teachers or their school, I choose instead to embrace each one and pray for each one.

Over the years my children have had some interesting teachers.  One teacher in particular seemed to enjoy the fact that I was a Christian.  Not because he wanted to become one but he seemed to get pleasure over our difference of opinion. 

One time he told me of a book that he was going to be reading to the class.  With a smile on his face, I immediately recognized what he was trying to do.  He wanted to get a reaction, fully knowing that I wouldn’t want my child to read it.  I expressed my views on the book and that I would prefer my child have another book to read. 

He hardly attempted to challenge me.  I think it’s because I immediately gave an explanation for why I didn’t want my child to read it.  He said that it was fine, he would still read his choice to the class and during that time my child could go down to the library and pick out a book from there.

Well I didn’t want to leave it at that.  It wasn’t just about my own child.  I didn’t think the book was a good choice for any child, so I began to pray that he wouldn’t read the book at all.  Since he seemed to thrive on our differences, I didn’t see how it was possible. 

To my surprise, a week later he informed me that he had picked another book to read.  It was one that met my approval.  I didn’t ask him why and he didn’t offer.  Inside I was smiling though.  You see, I could have gotten all bent out of shape about his choice.  I could have gone to the principal and complained.  I could have told him in a self-righteous manner why he shouldn’t read it.

But the difference is that I had developed a relationship with him.  I always show full support to my children’s teachers.  I go out of my way to write thank you notes, to purchase them gifts for Christmas, teacher appreciation day and the end of the school year.  I volunteer to help them.  I let them know that I care about them and I appreciate what they do. 

What I have always had working on my side is that I engage in my children’s teachers and I pray for them.  I take everything to God.  I don’t try to make change happen.  I try to set a good example before their teachers and then I leave the rest up to God.  How can you show appreciation for your children’s teachers?

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