Now the day began to decline, and the Twelve came and said to Him, Dismiss the crowds and send them away, so that they may go to the neighboring hamlets and villages and the surrounding country and find lodging and get a supply of provisions, for we are here in an uninhabited (barren, solitary) place.( Luke 9:12, AMP)

We all know how this story goes. Jesus multiplies five loaves and two fish into enough to feed a huge crowd.

And all the people ate and were satisfied. And they gathered up what remained over—twelve small hand baskets of broken pieces. (Luke 9:17, AMP)

Isn’t it funny that there were twelve disciples and twelve baskets of food? Leftovers; they had lots of leftovers.

Here in North America it is estimated that we throw out about fifty percent of the groceries that we buy. This is no longer acceptable. We cannot sustain life this way.

Put all your slightly tired vegetables and meat bits in s slow cooker with a few cups of water or bouillon. Simmer and eat when tender. Family doesn’t like broccoli or cabbage? Just puree the whole thing and call it a smoothie. They will swallow it fast enough!

Remember, all we have comes from God. It is rude to waste it.

Prayer- Father, gift us with some easy recipes and give us the courage to try them. Amen.

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