What Stray Cats Can Teach Us About Faith

My wife Hine and I rented a property on Grace Street, a very good name I might add and quite apt. A stray cat ambled on to the property and made itself at home. I guess I am a cat lover at heart so I tried to pat it. That is how I found out it was wild. Assuming the cat wass a male he took a swipe at me.

Not taking no for an answer, we started to feed him. Each day the feeding bowl came closer and closer to the back door. The big day arrived and I tried to pat him again. This time God's creation drew blood. We continued feeding him and with my wife’s help, the cat eventually came around.

Not only could I pat him, but he would also jump up on my back and walk across my shoulders. My wife has patted him as well. Then one day he let me scratch his chin.

Christian people often came to my door with stories. They were all about God’s good news, but news I just did not want to know about. They were persistent and did not give up. When I finally stopped to listen, I found to my amazement it really was good news. I found out that Jesus does save and still does.

Over time, I began going back to church and eventually recommitted my life to Christ. Imagine my surprise when some of the people in that church were the ones I had slammed the door in their face. It was as if I had been like the stray cat and scratched them and perhaps even drawn blood.

When realizing whom they were and how nice they were to me really stuck. At the time, I was emotional and found it hard to apologize. To be honest, some pride got in the way as well.

That was 28 years ago. How things can change.

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