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Recently God Tube changed its name to Tangle and tweaked its format. God Tube was a Christian spin-off of YouTube, and the MySpace philosophy was integrated.

Personally, I am burned out on new social network sites and had no intention of opening another online social account. I already have MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Faith Freaks and Shoutlife… Who needs more?

However, I was lured to the site by an interesting video called “Lifehouse Everything Drama.” This video as of the time of this article has had an amazing 8,797,214 views.

It is the number two of all time on Tangle. It is a Christian drama performed live on stage. An inspiring must watch for any Christian.

More amazing is the number one, “My Redeemer Lives – Team Hoyt,” with 15,008,634 views. Yes that is correct… 15 million! This video is not about the song, but the content of the video images as it displays handicapped heroes who defy the word handicapped!

Many of the videos are very spiritual and touching.

Others are very alarming.

Falling into the number four spot is a disturbing video with a viewing of 1,914,183. It displays a man from the Middle East candidly speaking with joy discussing methods of destruction against U.S. citizens.

Sadly, Tangle’s videos do not carry a summary or synopsis. Perhaps I’m missing something, but I would like to know more about the videos. A summary would validate and create an environment which would complete the story.

The number six position is held by a timeless Christian rock band, Casting Crowns, “Does Anybody Hear Her?” This is one of two artists in the all time top ten.

The current number ten is “Rapture – End Times” at 934,120 Views. It is a compilation of global catastrophes ending in rapture, reminiscent of the popular “Left Behind” novel series.

I still have no intention of using Tangle as a social network; however, it is very interesting, and at times inspiring.

As with any public site, some are looking for recognition, perhaps fame through discovery of the latest Christian artist. Others are some of the most inspiring, heartfelt Christians, zealously sharing their faith.

Other videos have nothing to do with Christianity, just interesting to watch.

The ministry section also offers a great multitude of choices.

If you are looking for great full featured sermons, my recommendation would be One Place. It is a great one stop for full length sermons. For those of you who work at facilities which do not allow streaming audio, this is a fast download offering hours of listening from many of the greatest preachers of our day.

The internet is full of blessings and discoveries for modern day Christians. Tangle and One Place are great places to start.

Happy discovering!




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